Founded in 2012, The Coldspotters is a paranormal team based in The Greater Vancouver area of British Columbia. We have a serious focus on developing client relations, conducting free and professional private investigations, and holding public events.
Our methods are to use the best technology and techniques available in the field of paranormal research in order to ensure a thorough and proper investigation.

Coldspotters Activity

Meetup Lunch - 4 years under our belt and we're going to have a big lunch with all our friends to celebrate. click here

to rsvp and come join us for some fun.


So you want to be a ghost hunter? Lots of people are interested in becoming paranormal investigators and we're here
to help. Through our companion meetup site 'Ghost Guide' ,Amanda will be holding her second series of Paranormal
workshops that will delve into all aspects of the investigation process including equipment, methodology, review and
everything in between. This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who has an interest in the unknown. To sign up and
get all the details, go to the meetup event page and RSVP today.