Founded in 2012, The Coldspotters is a paranormal team based in The Greater Vancouver area of British Columbia. We have a serious focus on developing client relations, conducting free and professional private investigations, and holding public events.
Our methods are to use the best technology and techniques available in the field of paranormal research in order to ensure a thorough and proper investigation.

Coldspotters Activity
Check out our meetup page for new events being posted
Our recent scavenger hunt event was a great success
Using cleverly worded clues, we scoured the lower mainland in search of some of our city's best known haunts and landmarks. We all ended the day with a bite to eat at the great Lamplighter Inn located in historic Gastown.
Recently our tech manager, Brad Milton, was the featured guest on Spaced Out Radio. Great Job Milt, everyone can listen to the podcast here at blogtalkradio