The Coldspotters is a paranormal team based in The Greater Vancouver area of British Columbia, with a serious focus on developing client relations and conducting professional investigations. We walk our client through every aspect of the process so that there is 100% transparency and complete trust.
Our methods are to use the best technology and techniques available in the field of paranormal research in order to ensure a thorough and proper investigation.

if you would like to speak with us regarding a private investigation or if you have any questions, please contact us at



Listen to the EVP we captured in Mountain View Cemetery


Event updates
Spring is now upon us and you know what that means? The Coldspotters will be switching our calendar to more outdoor events, and we want to get in as much as possible. We kicked things off with an event at the Columbia Theatre in New Westminster on April 13th to celebrate 2 years of Coldspotters.

Click on Meetup Events and sign up today. We have our annual ghost walk in Mountain View Cemetery at the end of May and we don't want anyone missing out.


Our second Paranormal Convention "ColdCon" will be held the weekend of November 8th